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Panditji is a teacher par excellence. He has numerous loyal students, who receive training in all the intricacies and nuances of Hindustani classical music.

Panditji reposes all his faith in various gurus under whom he has studied. As a consequence he does not take the liberty in compromising on any aspects of his teaching of any compositions by attempting to make them any different from the original as he imbibed them from his various Gurus.

Besides paying all the necssary attention to the lyrics of a composition, he presents them in a manner that can only be called, precise.

Having thoroughly imbibed the specialities of his Gurus, Panditji demonstrates uniqueness of all the gayakis.

Panditjiā€™s style of singing exhibits, among other things, clarity and an authentic approach to a raga through his very mellifluous voice.

Panditji can be regarded as a genuine and perhaps one of the very few living exponents of the renowned Agra Gharana.

Any prospective students interested in receiving training under Pandit's tutelage, may please get in touch personally with Panditji by clicking Contact Us or send an email through Feedback. Links are also provided above.

Some of the students who received training under Panditji and are now
established in the mainstream commercial classical and light music: