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Rama Rao Naik Concert at Bangalore

It was Pandit Rama Rao Naik Endowment Concert held at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Bengaluru on Oct 18, 2014. This year we had one of Rama Rao Naikji’s senior disciple, Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik performing on Rama Raoji’s 105th year. This Guru-shishya relationship between Ramaraoji and Sudhindraji dates back to 1970s during Sudhindraji’s Bengaluru days. Since then, Sudhindra Bhaumik has actively participated in all the major life events and celebrations of Guru Ramaraoji, like 70th year birthday celebrations, occasion of Guruji’s Tansen Samman celebrations, Guruji’s DD Documentary video creation etc. Last we, the students of Rama Rao Naik gathered were in year 2010 for Birth Centenary celebrations of Guru Rama Rao Naik.

Guru Rama Rao Naik has moulded generations of students in his life span and it is such a wonderful Guru-Shishya parampara, where Rama Raoji’s senior disciple Vidhushi Lalith J Rao stepped into Guru position, sheltered and groomed the last generation of his students after his demise. Similarly, Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik noticed me during the Guruji’s Birth centenary celebrations, after my decade-long break from music in pursuit of my CA career. Then he took me under his shelter and tutelage, stating ‘pulling me back to music is the sincere homage and Guru dakshina, he is paying to his Guru Ramarao Naik!’. I am very fortunate to have such wonderful Gurus in my life since childhood and doubly add to my responsibility towards musical efforts on me by both my Gurus Pandit Ramarao Naik and Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik!

Coming back to the concert, Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik started his souldul rendition with Raag Purvi. It was really surprising and a learning curve for us to see how he could cover all the aspects like intense Nom tom Alaap, Vilambit Naiya mori paar karo, drut with all the developments, bhol bhanav, layakari, taans etc., in just first 50 minutes. Then, from the serious, depth and praying mood of Purvi, Panditji sailed us through Raag Kamod and with the Ektaal Bandish ‘Lagire mori nayi lagan’ created the sweetness and playful mood in the atmosphere with the sway of Bandish and Ektaal swing laya. Also, the conversation on Tabla by Pandit Gurumurthy Vaidya added beauty and esthetics. Sri Madhusudhan Bhat accompanied Panditji on Harmonium and could catch his complicated phrases and colours to the concert.

Then, Panditji sang Raag Narayani, which was totally new to most of the audience, few learned musical audience were trying to analyse this new raag and drawing its comparisons with Raag Junjooti etc. Panditji then sang Raag Kafi Kanada. He had received ‘farmaish’ for Kafi Kanada, a week in advance of the concert through email from Mr Ajay Cadambi. Panditji then sang ‘Guru charana manaj” in Raag Sohani and we could feel his intense bakthi towards his Gurus. Then he concluded with a Bhajan ‘Mana prem ki raakh lagale.’composed by Chidananda Nagarkar in Raag Bhairavi.

It was a wonderful musical evening with Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik taking us through different flavours and moods of Raags in just 2 hours, elevating us to a different musical experience. He also had his Guru Bandus and long associates Vidhushi Lalith J Raoji, Vidushi Aditi Upadhyaji attending this wonderful concert.

— Report by Srividya Jois
(Disciple of Pt. Rama Rao Naik, Pt. Indudhar Nirody and Pt. Sudhindra Bhaumik)




The audio clip of Pandit Bhaumik's renderings can be heard by clicking the following links:

Track 1  — Bhairavi – Bandishi Ki Thumri and Tarana

Track 2  — Jhinjoti, Kafi Tappa, Kaunsi Kanra