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Concert at Marathalli, Bangalore

This is probably the first occasion that Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumikji performed in a concert where more than half of his audiences were children. All these kids gathered in group and sat in front rows with rapt interest and enjoyed over a couple of hours of the Classical music concert. It was so heartening to see these young children enjoying, attempting to understand the nuances of Raag, Taal, Bol expressions, Tans, etc., paying attention to the music and to the explanations given by Pandithji and Rina Basu. These children are students of Smt. Rina Basu, a renowned Hindusthani Vocalist who has pioneered Hindusthani Music in this relatively new cosmopolitan Bangalore- Marathalli. Smt. Rina Basu, along with her husband has setup a Music instruments shop and she also takes Music classes at the same venue, Sound of Music, Outer Ring Road, Near Marathalli junction. Pandithji, who has seen this area of Bangalore since 1975 with not much music activities, was thrilled seeing the initiative taken by Smt. Rina Basu in developing a musical environment, and her efforts in instilling interest in classical music among children and successfully garnering a music loving audience. Pandithji was so excited seeing his audience of around 10 years age group that at the very beginning of the concert, he expressed his happiness in performing for these kids and that very moment he decided he would, from now on frequently visit Bangalore.

Smt. Rina Basu, organised this Musical Evening on 19 January 2013 for all her students including the public at Rohan Ashima Club House, Brookfield near Marathalli, Bangalore. This was hosted by one of her kid student Ananya Chaudhuri, along with her parents. Initially for first 45 minutes, Mrs. Sunitaa Srikant, a senior disciple of Smt. Rina Basu took her first steps in public performance with Raag Bhageshri , which was well appreciated by the audience. Smt. Rina Basu herself accompanied her on the Harmonium to boost her student’s confidence, while Praveen Thomas accompanied on Tabla. She concluded her recital in Raag Bageshri itself with Carnatic style Tillana in fast rhythm adding both Hindusthani and Carnatic flavours to her recital.

While the audiences were young kids, I thought Pandithji may choose some simple common raags to reach out to kids. I was surprised with Pandithji’s choice of rare complicated raags like Hem Kalyan, Barwa, Gharawith varieties from Khayal, Kajari, Tumri, Tappa; still upholding and captivating the whole audience with his simple reach of music along with its depth. It was first time experience of Agra Gharana Style, new Raags, its developments and also variety of semi-classical styles to the audience who were keenly absorbing every new piece of musical information Pandithji was giving them. Pandithji was accompanied by promising youngsters Shri Bharath Hegde from Sirsi on Harmonium, who could quickly grasp complicated phrases of Pandithji and Shri Vishwas Sagar on the Tabla.

Pandithji began his recital with Raag Hem Kalyan, that he had learnt at Bangalore itself from his Guru Pt Rama Rao Naik. He sang elaborate Nom tom alaap, Vilambitbandish ’Dayaarimaikasepukaro’ and a Drut composition ’Lagan Laagi’ of Vilayat Hussain Khan. Then Pandithji sang Raag Tilak Kamod with Ustad Faiyaz Khan composition ‘Bamana Eksugunabichao’. His development of bandish, with ‘Bamanapukaar’ in soft Tilakkamod intricacies touched each one’s heart. By then, there was a ‘farmaish’ of Kamaj- Na Manungi from the kids, which their teacher Rina Basu had already made them listen through internet while she had educated them about Pandithji. Kids were enjoying with smiles on their faces with Pandithji’s development of namaanungi , namaanungi, namaanungi unakemanayebina. We could see mischievous smiles of kids with every ‘namaanungi’. Then Panditji sang a famous Tappa ‘Chaalpehechani’, a crisp tappa and it was like sharpening each one of us with its crispness. Then he continued his recital with Barwa- Drut composition Baje Mori payaliya that swayed and transported us to a different world. Then he sang Kajari in Raag Ghara and concluded with Mishra Bhairavi. Overall it created positive vibrations and excitement in the whole environment. It was the combination of Panditji’s simplicity and the pure young hearts in the audience. Any eye witness at concert could vividly see the Guru Shishya parampara, where stalwart like Bhaumikji, Music teacher Smt. Rina Basu, musicians, parents, music lovers – everyone’s focus was instilling the roots of Hindusthani classical music to the next generation of enthusiastic and promising kids.

— Report by Srividya Jois
(Disciple of Pt. Rama Rao Naik, Pt. Indudhar Nirody and Pt. Sudhindra Bhaumik)


Khamaj Bandish Ki Thumri

Hem Kalyan Dhrut Khayal

Hem Kalyan Vilambit Ek Taal

Hem Kalyan Nom Tom Alaap

Khamaj Tappa

Tilak Kamod Drut

Tilak Kamod Drut 2