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Panditji's Guru Parampara

Pandit Biswanath Sur
A renowned exponent of the Agra Gharana style
of gayaki, he was based in Kolkata.

Late Pandit Ramarao V. Naik
A disciple of Ustad Faiyaz Khan, he was an uncompromising
exponent of the aggressive Agra gharana. He lived in old-worldly
grace, singing and teaching in Bangalore, till his demise.

Late Pandit S.C.R. Bhat
One of the senior-most disciples of Padmabhushan Acharya
Ratanjankar. Like his guru, he dedicated his entire life to the
cause of Hindustani music, working selflessly for the propagation
of this invaluable aspect of our ancient culture. His honesty and
large-heartedness made him one of the most revered Gurus.

Late Pandit K. G. Ginde
He was a Hindustani singer, teacher, composer, and scholar. His guru
Shrikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar was his biggest influence. His knowledge of
raagdari music was comprehensive. He would demonstrate various facets
of a raag or a raagaang in seminars or lecture demonstrations.

Late Pandit Dinkar Kaikini
Amongst the most learned exponents of khayal, Dinkar Kaikini represented the assimilated musical learning of the Gwalior and Agra gharanas, having trained under stalwarts like Omkarnath Thakur, S N Ratanjankar and S C R Bhatt. He performed widely over a career spanning several decades and served
on various committees and examination boards.

Late Smt. Shobha Gurtu
She was a renowned singer in the light Hindustani classical style. Though she had equal command over pure classical style, it was with light classical music that she received her fame, and in time came to be known as the Thumri Queen, and for the ‘Abhinaya’ ang in her full-throated voice. her formal
music training began with Ustad Bhurji Khan, though she really came
into her own under the tutelage of Ustad Ghamman Khan.

Pandit Y. M. Mahale
A living legend of the Agra Gharana, he was a direct
disciple of Late Pandit S. N. Ratanjankar