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About Panditji

Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik, born in November 1945, was introduced to the world of Classical Music, while he was still in college, by Pandit Biswanath Sur of Kolkata. Later, Panditji came in contact with Late Pandit Ramarao V. Naik, Late Pandit S.C.R. Bhat, Late Pandit K. G. Ginde, Late Pandit Dinkar Kaikani and honed his skills in the Agra Gharana gayaki for over three decades.

In addition, he also received personal guidance in Thumri from the renowned Padma Bhushan Late Smt. Shoba Gurtu. A student for life, Panditji continues his study with Pandit Y. M. Mahale, a disciple of Late Pandit S. N. Ratanjankar.

Panditji has also performed abroad to the utmost joy of aficionado of Hindustani music. All his programs were hugely appreciated.

One of the living legends of the Agra Gharana, Pandit Bhaumik is one of the torch-bearers of Faiyaz Khani style of music. His signature is in his soulful rendition of Nomtom Alaap, Bolbant and intricate Layakari and Taan. His versatility and skills in performing Dhrupad-dhamar, Khayal, Thumri, Tappa, Hori and Bhajans with ease and delicacy sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Panditji has an impeccable academic record with degrees in Engineering and Management from IIT and IIM, two of the most prestigious institutions in India.

Panditji is also a Sangeet Visharad and served as a senior faculty at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai for over a decade.

Panditji found his calling in music and dedicated his life in its pursuit, learning, teaching and generally propagating the art of Hindustani Music to the world.

Aged 75, Panditji leads an austere and saintly life in Mumbai.

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